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Ping-Pong is a silent and strange monster. He is extremely tall and has four arms with Ping-Pong paddles for hands. He never speaks but is absolutely in love with the game of Ping-Pong. When not playing he sleeps standing up with his arms wrapped around him. He is an intermission performer for the musical act called the Mac D's and loves to showcase his Ping-Pong skills with lucky fans. 


J.W. is the joyful yet suave drummer of the group. He is often smiling and loves to dance as the band jams away. His skill at his craft is easy to see along with his obvious passion within. A sensitive man, J.W. can always be found helping another bandmate out. He hates to be sad and see others suffering. He will go to great lengths to fix things or make people happy. J.W. is completely deaf. He rarely speaks with his voice and is most commonly speaking via American Sign Language (ASL). His best friend and fellow bandmate, Hen ‘Interpreter’ Drix, interprets for J.W.


Hen ‘Interpreter’ Drix

He may be the most relaxed member of The Mac D’s. He hates confrontation but will stand his ground when any of his friends needs help. He is never far from J.W. Hen has a very surfer-like voice and is always grinning, although many never really understand why. He is completely fluent in ASL and speaks for J.W. when he signs. They are best friends and have known each other their entire lives.

Craze Charles

Craze’s voice is quick with a slur. He is always running around and jumping to and fro. He can never stay still, even in his sleep he twitches a bit. Craze is one of the most unusual members of the group. He is also one of the smallest. Nobody quite knows his past or where he comes from. Although his past is a mystery, he remains to be one of the most versatile piano/keyboard players around.

Shabby Wooten

Shabby is the unusually shy and reluctant member of the group. He grew up in Chicago and was immersed in the jazz and blues scene. His family was very musical and he learned how to play almost every instrument at his disposal. He was often found tinkering with new instruments and within 24 hours would find a way to master it. However, his favorite instrument was the bass. Despite his talent, Shabby had no friends growing up. His music took over much of his life and when he was given the chance to meet people, his shy nature got the better of him. When he does speak he speaks in a whisper. With the help of J.W. and Hen, he finds courage to play bass in the group and even sing. His singing voice is a high falsetto, which amazes all.

DJ Sasa

DJ Sasa is the resident turntable master of the Mac D’s. She always says the right thing at the right time and loves to have fun with her friends. She is tough and loves her music. A force to be reckoned with, she can often be seen teaching people how DJ when she can. Fun fact, her booth is custom made just for her.


Greg is part one of the rap duo, also joined by Leo, who are The Mac D’s’ resident rappers/hip-hop artists. He is the tall one while Leo is the short one. He is highly animated with vivid hand gestures and wild jumping. Greg is kind of a goof. Luckily, Leo keeps him in check and helps him out with the world.


Leo is part two of the rap duo. He is unusually quiet and often stands silently with his hands behind his back listening intensely. His baritone voice comes out powerfully when he raps with passion when performing. Unknown to most fans, Leo is actually a certified genius. He holds several doctorates in Music and Fine Arts. He respects everyone and loves to help out his dim-witted friend Greg whenever he can, hence, the reason why the two are inseparable.


Lucky is the official band dog for The Mac D’s. His owner is actually J.W. He is known for being extremely goofy but incredibly smart at the same time. He loves to swim and play with people. Loved by all, Lucky is almost always around lingering with J.W. and The Mac D’s.

Stage Creatures

Stage Creatures are a species of monsters that follow The Mac D’s wherever they go. Their origins and purpose is unknown. However, they love music and dancing. Scientists have thus determined that these creatures live off of positive energy from music. Whenever a good song is played by the band, the Stage Creatures are never too far away with their high pitch squeals. They are quite the nuisance for the band as they hover near the musicians and continue to hug or climb them. In fact, J.W. has had a few of them get stuck in his Afro from time to time.